• single family house on the slope
  • bkm group
  • Marta Komorowska
  • Bartosz Koszałka
Building Contractor
  • Gdynia, Tricity Landscape Park
  • 280 m2
Concept 2018-2019
Realisation 2019-2022

Multi Gable House.

Situated on the outskirts of Gdynia Multi- Gable House is in close proximity to nature. House is located on the slope from which are magnificent views at the Tri-City Landscape Park. The topography difference of the plot is almost 7 meters.

The clients dream was a house on a slope with a picturesque view of the forest and to make the height of the rooms on the first floor to maximum. Therfore, the concept of a multi-gabled house, which made it possible to create as many viewing axes towards the landscape park and to increase the height of the rooms up to the roof ridge.

Building Contractor. HENBUD Zakład Budowlany
Constructor. Marcin Sołtysek
House design and interior design. bkm group
A steep slope of the plot separates the private part of the garden from the street, creating a calm green zone overlooking the Tri-City Park. By using natural, noble materials such as brick, the building tries to complement the surroundings.
The front elevation was designed in the form of two one-story, parallel blocks (garage on the west side and kitchen on the east side) with a off-white plastered facade with  additions of dark gray hpl panels. Two lower extended parts with a gable roof are intersected by the higher one, covered with light gray-beige brick. Thanks to this arrangement, the entrance to the building in the central part of the front façade is naturally accentuated.

From the garden side, house consists of two characteristic blocks with a gable roof. The central part with the living room is  pulled out towards the garden. The façade of this block is entirely covered with brick. The white block, in which are located  recreation room and bedrooms, is recessed  and its scale is the same as the brick facade.


The house was built on a demanding plot with a slope to optimally fit into the landscape views and sunlight conditions.

This individual  house design with obtaining a permit and the interior design of the house together with studio constant supervision gave the opportunity to fully control the main concept and details.

Individualism, natural materials, timeless design, functionality, architectural consistency faced with the temptation of easy decorating, as well as sincerity and design cohesion – these are the universal principles that we follow both in designing houses and interiors.