• single family house
  • bkm group
  • Marta Komorowska
  • Bartosz Koszałka
  • Kashubia region in the north of Poland
  • 170 m2
Interior area
  • 205,82 m2
in progress

(L)ogical House

The L-shaped house was adapted to the needs of the investor in terms of the functional layout, maintaining maximum privacy, but also to the directions of the world and in relation to the varied terrain of the plot, in order to obtain the best energy-saving parameters.

Ensuring optimal conditions at home requires taking care of the proper interior climate, and thus the well-being and health of the household members. The quality of the air we breathe directly translates into the level of comfort of living. Therefore, the project uses recuperation, i.e. mechanical ventilation with heat recovery. The heat source for the building will be a dual-function heat pump. To use the energy efficiency of heat pumps, it is best to combine them with heating systems with low supply temperatures, i.e. mainly surface floor heating.

house Project. bkm group.

One of the goals of the project is to blend in with the surroundings as much as possible. The dimensions of the building were determined by the provisions in the development conditions. The plan of the building and the functional layout of the ground floor have been designed in the shape of the letter “L”, which allows you to fully use the potential of the plot and properly position the rooms in relation to the cardinal directions.

The body of the building is divided into two parts – the ground floor is decorated in bright, white colors. In turn, the attic is entirely dark-gray, finished with a standing seam sheet. Thanks to this procedure, the bottom of the building is cut off from the top, drawing a horizontal line along the house, thus making the body more horizontal, balanced and proportional. The idea was to create a house with a picturesque view of the garden, with a timeless shape. The house was designed in such a way that it fits optimally into the landscape views of the plot.