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Architecture has its own realm. It has a special physical relationship with life. I do not think of it primarily as either a message or a symbol, but as an envelope and background for life which goes on in and around it, a sensitive container for the rhythm of footsteps on the floor, for the concentration of work, for the silence of sleep.

Peter ZumthorThinking Architecture

We create architecture, interiors and graphic design.

bkm group is a polish based practice led by co-founders Marta Komorowska and Bartosz Koszałka. Our practice is committed to design excellence based on quality, beauty, innovation and an accurate approach to detail. We create buildings and interiors for private and commercial clients. Bkm group has the required qualifications in architectural specialities to manage projects without any restrictions.

We carry out all design processes in an organized, timely and effective manner, mostly due to gained experience in renowned architectural studios in Poland and abroad.

We are multidisciplinary project group that operates in Poland and continues to grow globally. We are flexible towards our clients, concerning meetings outside the office, on the investment site or by various forms of communications. Also, we invite to our offices in Gdańsk or Warsaw to get to know each other and discuss design related issues over coffee or tea.

– arch. Bartosz Koszałka
– arch. Marta Komorowska

We engage in our work with great passion.

We help our clients make their vision come true with great focus and responsibility. We engage in our work with passion, attention and care to create a functional, aesthetic and creative design. Bkm group cooperates, from early phase of the project, with experienced and qualified contractors and engineers. Thanks to it, we are able to successfully pass all design stages of the project and create a functional, tailor-made building or interior.

Our work strives to enhance our sense of surroundings, identity and relationship to others and the space we inhabit. We perceive architecture as a set of components that, through design process, can express a numerous set of emotions, behaviors, memories related to project, which over time becomes the background for life. Creating timeless architecture, that merges with the history of a place, people and surroundings is the essence of our design.

We belive that we not only make architecture to just see it – we must experience it with all our senses in order to fully and positively feel the designed space. Then we know, that the vision transferred to paper fully reflects the timelessness of the concept in the final implementation.


Selected Awards

Street furniture design in Opole

Honoroble mention2017

SARP Diploma of the year 2014 for museum of contemporary art in Poznań, Poland

Honorable mention2014

Architecture School in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Honorable mention2014

Courtyard design CK Zamek in Poznań, Poland,

1st place2012

"Your point of view”, Shaping the urban space by the waterfront in Gdynia

1st place2012