• Interior house
  • Marta Komorowska
  • Bartosz Koszałka
  • Anna Prałat
  • Kashubia region, Chwaszczyno
  • 220 m2
  • Realisation 2022 r.

Modern interior of the house in Kashubia is primarily a beautiful, high space of the living and dining area with a void above, where the relaxation area  is visible on the mezzanine level. Sand beige, natural oak and vivid color accents, mainly dark blue, harmoniously combine all rooms. Investors wanted a house full of light. Large windows open the house to the garden and let in a lot of natural light, and after dark, this important role is taken over by luminaires that provide many lighting options in each room.

There are no unnecessary decorations here, only everyday items were to be displayed. There are plenty of wardrobes and storage compartments throughout the house, with no open shelves. With this minimalist concept, thoughtful and refined details were important. Great emphasis was placed on the timelessness of solutions and materials used.

Kashubia is an unusually picturesque region in the north of Poland, rich in meadows full of flowers, and crystal-clear lakes, pine forests. Near such trees is located the house.

In the design process it was important to use  natural materials to maintain a cozy and warm atmosphere, instead of glamor, we wanted to focus on simplicity, modesty and high quality while maintaining maximum functionality.

A comprehensive interior design of the house together with the our full  supervision at the site gave the opportunity to fully control the main assumptions of the concept and details already in place with the renovation team,

The main color base – off-white, sand beige and natural oak wood have been broken with expressive colors, such as dark blue.

Complementary elements are high-quality, natural and variously finished materials, such as wood, dark glass, ceramics, and softening elements, such as light beige curtains and blinds. Together with the designed space, they create a coherent, elegant and cozy space. This project is the result of close cooperation with Investors, but also the great trust and freedom of action they have bestowed on us.

Individualism, natural materials, timeless design, functionality, architectural consistency faced with the temptation of easy decorating, as well as honesty and consistency in design – these are universal principles that guide us both in the design of houses and interiors.