• Package box for Vanilla
  • Packaging design
  • Graphic design
  • Marta Komorowska
  • Bartosz Koszałka
  • Vanilla confectionary in Lublin, Poland
  • Realisation 2018

Vanilla confectionery in lublin has proposed honest and tasteful sweets for years. It is based only on natural, highest quality ingredients. Rose cookies are their’s flag product, which are known in all lublin.

We were asked to design graphic for a package of cookies with a rose, which will be sold in a cake shop and handed over to guests at the end of their stay, as a souvenir, in hotels belonging to the Vanilla Group. The characteristic graphic refer to well-known historic tenements and buildings in Lublin. The delicate background is the pictogram of famous cookie. Our work was to identify cookies with Lublin so that they become one of the city’s symbols. Monochrome graphics are combined with three basic colors that are well known in the visual identification of Vanilla confectionery.